What is your pup’s name?

Charles Pierre (we call him Charlie)

What breed is your pup?

Rescue (we think a shitzu mix)

Where is your pup from/how did you meet?

We got him from Lucky Mutts Rescue and he is from Oklahoma. We don’t
know anything about his past.

Why does your pup play at Wonago Play? Doggy Daycare?

One of the first things his foster mom told us was how social he was
and how he loved to be around other dogs and people. We started at the
dog park and he just lights up as soon as you pull in. He loves meeting
new friends and since we both work, we thought the best thing we could
do for him was bring him to day care so he could socialize while we were

What should everyone know about your pup?

Charlie got his name because both of our grandfather’s names were
Charlie and each of us had a special bond with them when we were kids.
Pierre was his foster name for 2 weeks so we thought we should keep

And last, tell us why you love your pup!

Charlie has had unconditional love for us since day 1! He greets us at
the door every day, loves to snuggle, and is full of kisses. He loves
every new person and dog he meets and just always exudes love and
happiness! He is working really hard on behaving and having manners in
public places so he can come with us and enjoy all of the activities we
love to do.

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